July 13, 2007

Second SU Podium Render Image Contest Announced

Bellingham, Wash. - Cadalog Inc. has announced SU Podium’s second render image contest, with a focus on renderings of a Google SketchUp exterior design. The contest began on July 9 and ends July 30. 
First, second, and third prizes will be 3D navigation devices made by 3Dconnexion. This is the second image contest conducted for SU Podium this year. The first contest focused on rendering interior models made in SketchUp and had several hundred entries. The new contest will ask designers to render an exterior of a structure modeled in Google SketchUp. Contestant can use either the full paid version of Podium or the free evaluation version to render their images. The renderings must be done with Podium and no postprocessing is allowed.  
First prize winner will receive a SpaceExplorer, a 3D mouse from 3Dconnexion. Second- and third-place winners will receive the SpaceTraveler and the SpaceNavigator respectively, also developed by 3Dconnexion. 
Details about the contest can be found online at www.suplugins.com/contest/.  
To download a free evaluation of Google SketchUp Pro go to www.sketchup.com.