January 1, 2007

Red Giant Software Launches Magic Bullet Colorista Color-correction Tool

San Francisco, Calif. - Red Giant Software has released Magic Bullet Colorista, a new plug-in designed to aid professionals in achieving the right color for every shot.
Magic Bullet Colorista, priced at $199, ships as a native plug-in for popular host applications including Apple Final Cut Pro (FX Plug) and Motion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, and Avid AVX-compatible systems.
For the past 18 months, Red Giant Software has been engineering a new line of video enhancement products that address the needs of its customers. The number one request was an easy-to-use color-correction tool that could deliver great results, fast. Proper color correction is an essential step before applying a Magic Bullet Look. As a result, Red Giant developers set upon creating a high-quality color-correction tool.
Magic Bullet Colorista features:
-- Precise Color Balance - Colorista make whites look white and offers controls for modifying shadows, midtones, and highlights. The familiar Lift, Gamma, Gain color wheels allow for easy adjustment of color balance and luminance with ultra-sensitive control for precise results. Additional Saturation and Exposure options let users make flesh tones look natural, as well as set the highlight and shadow levels exactly.
-- Real-Time DeepColor RT - Maximize your performance with the power of the DeepColor RT engine inside Colorista. Playback SD and HD (720p) projects in real-time by using the system's graphics processing power. The next-generation DeepColorRT engine preserves quality in every application host so that 10-bit projects remain 10-bit.
-- Power Mask with Ease - Apply the correction just where needed. With Colorista, users can create a simple circular or rectangular shape to isolate a specific zone. No longer is it necessary to pre-mask a shot to deepen the color of a sky or emphasize the action in a shot. The animatable controls for area and feather let youwork right in the canvas or composer window.
Magic Bullet Colorista is available now for $199.