May 31, 2007

RealViz Ugrades Stitcher Unlimited to Version 5.6

Sophia Antipolis, France - RealViz, a developer of image-processing software development, has announced version 5.6 of Stitcher Unlimited.
The Stitcher image-stitching program enables the creation of high-quality panoramas and 360-degree virtual tours. Version 5.6, introduces Mac Universal compatibility, as well as HDR capabilities. A Japanese-language version is also scheduled for release later this spring, in addition to the existing English and French versions of the software.
Stitcher is a photo-stitching and image-assembling software for the creation of professional-level panoramas and 360-degree virtual tours. Starting from digital images, the software's central automatic stitching engine enables a diverse range of users to create panoramas and virtual tours.
Stitcher Unlimited 5.6 has HDR compatibility for the first time, enabling users to load, stitch, and save HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. With HDR imaging, users are able to create projects, which combine under- and over-exposed areas in the same panorama.
The enhanced core engine of Stitcher Unlimited 5.6 makes all image processing operations available for images with 32 bits per channel. HDR panoramas produced with Stitcher Unlimited 5.6 can be used as a lighting environment map for 3D studios to obtain ultra-realistic 3D scenes, and to ensure consistent lighting of virtual objects placed in real environments.
Stitcher Unlimited 5.6 will also be available as part of the RealViz HDR Imaging Studio, which combines Stitcher, VTour 1.2 HDR, and Photomatix Pro. RealViz VTour 1.2 HDR is designed for the creation of 3D HDR scenes starting from digital snapshots and panoramas.
RealViz Stitcher Unlimited 5.6 is available in English and French for Macintosh and Windows at the following prices: Stitcher Unlimited 5.6, $580; upgrade from Stitcher Unlimited 5.5 to version 5.6, $130; option to buy Photomatix Pro (electronic version only) from the Web Store at $99 (must be purchased at the same time as Stitcher Unlimited 5.6).