August 31, 2007

Rainmaker Visual Effects Announces Management Changes

Vancouver, B.C. - Warren Franklin, CEO of Rainmaker Entertainment Inc., has announced that Marianne O'Reilly, an eight year veteran of Rainmaker Visual Effects, has been named president of the division. In addition, Franklin announced the promotions of Shauna Bryan to head of Business Development, and Jason Dowdeswell to head of Digital Studio. 
Continuing in their roles will be Dennis Hoffman as head of Production, Brian Chacon as head of Production Technology, Greg Bosworth as Commercial/Games executive producer, and Rainmaker UK's executive producer Roma O'Connor, who oversees the London operations. Bryan, Dowdeswell, Hoffman, Chacon, Bosworth, and O'Connor will report directly to O'Reilly.
"Marianne has been a key player in the growth of the visual effects industryin Vancouver and a prominent contributor to Rainmaker's growth for almost adecade. She has the skills needed to deal with the internal structure of a visual effects facility as well as the experience to engage and retain clients," states Franklin. "As Rainmaker continues its growth curve, we are positioning the Visual Effects division to take advantage of the global prospects. Marianne's the perfect person to do this for us."
states O'Reilly.  "Our entire team is veryenthusiastic about pursuing the goal of Vancouver becoming a larger hub forthe international visual effects industry."O'Reilly has been in entertainment management for over 17 years both infilm, television and sports.  She began her career at Rainmaker in 1999 asvisual effects producer.  Over the years, she worked on such televisionproductions as "Stargate SG-1," "Stargate Atlantis," "Dead Like Me,""Ancient Clues" and "So Weird."  In 2003 she transitioned to film visualeffects with "Garfield."  O'Reilly was named Rainmaker's Executive Producerin 2004 and oversaw the facility's feature effects work including "Elektra,""I, Robot," "Dr. Dolittle 3," "Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties," "Night atthe Museum," "Blades of Glory" and most recently, the upcoming "VantagePoint."  Prior to Rainmaker, O'Reilly held executive positions and was asports entertainment producer for the NHL's Buffalo Sabres and VancouverCanucks, and the CFL's BC Lions.  She first entered the entertainment worldas a producer/account manager at Northwest Imaging & FX in the early '90s.Dowdeswell, who will be responsible for the overall implementation of thedigital and creative aspects of the pipeline, joined Rainmaker in 2002 asDigital Production Supervisor after gathering more than a decade's worth ofexperience at some of the industry's most highly-acclaimed studios.Dowdeswell began his career in BC working at CSS Graphic Multimedia ResearchLab where he honed his animation skills.  After moving to Los Angeles in theearly '90s, he quickly became known for his lighting and compositingartistry while working at Boss Film Studios where his credits included "TrueLies," "Species," "Outbreak" and "Multiplicity."  He segued to the newlyformed Sony Imageworks as a digital lead artist on such features as"Anaconda," "Starship Troopers," "Godzilla" and "Stuart Little"; and thenonto Industrial Light & Magic,  as senior digital compositor on "Star Wars:Episode II Attack of the Clones," "Jurassic Park 3," "The Mummy Returns" and"Men in Black 2." Bryan, a fifteen year industry veteran and most recently Rainmaker VisualEffect's Senior Producer, brings extensive experience to her newresponsibility of business development.  As the facility's ExecutiveProducer on "The Da Vinci Code," Bryan was instrumental in setting upRainmaker's London facility and establishing Rainmaker UK.  In her previousposition, Bryan oversaw the facility's largest production to date, the hitcomedy "Blades of Glory."  Prior to taking on the senior role in production,Bryan was one of the Rainmaker's visual effects producers with creditsincluding "She's the Man," "Man About Town," "Firewall" and the upcoming"Case 39."  Her visual effects credits also include the television movies orseries "White Chicks," "Earthsea" and "Dead Zone."  Bryan's career prior tospecializing in visual effects included stints in post-production and asassociate producer with some of the television industry's most prolificproducers -- Chris Carter ("The X-Files"), Leonard Goldberg ("Ground Zero"),Daniel Blatt ("Miracle on the 17th Green") and Lawrence Horowitz and MichaelO'Hara ("First to Die").Recently completed or currently in production at Rainmaker Visual Effects inVancouver are "Nightwatching," "Vantage Point," "Case 39," "Hot Rod," "Trick'r Treat," "A Tale of Two Sisters," "Tropic Thunder," "Snow Buddies,""Stargate Atlantis," "Search and Rescue" and Vivendi WET; and in theirLondon facility, "Golden Compass," "Inkheart," "Fred Claus," "Vantage Point,"28 Weeks Later," "La Vie en Rose" and "1408."