November 15, 2007

Pixologic Releases 30-day Trial Version of ZBrush 3.1

Los Angeles, Calif. - Pixologic Inc. is offering a 30-day trial version of its digital sculpting and painting application, ZBrush 3.1. Created by artists for artists, ZBrush is designed to address the most ambitious and creative needs of today’s digital content creators. ZBrush 3.1 delivers sculpting and texture painting tools for film studios, games, and design visualization for artists worldwide. 
Pixologic's 30-day trial version of ZBrush 3.1 is a full-featured version offering the industry-standard sculpting and painting tools that professional digital artists rely on for high-end visual effects and 3D sculpting in a time-limited format for students, teachers, artists, and others beginning with ZBrush. 
ZBrush 3.1 features: 
Increase in speed and performance
Advanced 'Digital Clay' with up to one billion polygons with HD Geometry  
Full 3D Sculpting and Texturing with Alphas and Textures  
Advanced Posing System: Transpose Real-time Shadows (while in sculpting/edit mode)
Innovative material capture system: MatCap One-click Turntable Recording with QuickTime Export 32 and 64 bit system support 3D Layers Fast and intuitive painting system with Poly Paint Poseable  
Symmetry for asymmetrical modeling Perspective Camera
ZBrush 3.1 also comes with ZMapper, a normal map generator that is easy to use and configurable. ZMapper generates unsurpassed normal maps in seconds that will work for any game engine need. ZMapper also supports arbitrary meshes, a key feature for the game industry.  
ZBrush retails for $595 and can be purchased and downloaded online at Pixologic e-store
ZBrush is also available from Pixologic authorized resellers. ZBrush 3.1 Windows Demo can be downloaded from the Pixologic Web site by visiting