May 21, 2007

Phoenix Editorial & Designs Creates Launch Film for Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3)

San Francisco, Calif. - Phoenix Editorial & Designs has produced a 90-second promotional film launching Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3). The film introduces the product's new Creative License marketing campaign, tagline, logo, packaging, and identity.
The film debuted at the official CS3 launch event in New York City during a presentation by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen, and has been showcased on the Adobe Web site homepage and at several live events to promote the new software suite.  Phoenix Editorial & Designs Creative Director Matt Silverman based the film off the new "Creative License" print campaign developed by Adobe's advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Comprising three "chapters" for print, web and video, which focus respectively on Adobe's Design Premium Collection, Web Premium Collection and Production Premium Collection, the film features abstract and artful scenarios in which something ordinary is made extraordinary through the use of Adobe's tools.   
Said Matt Silverman, Creative Director, Phoenix Editorial & Designs, "We were given a great deal of creative liberty to interpret the feature benefits of Creative Suite 3, Adobe's new collection of graphic design and video editing applications, and we had a lot of fun creating a visually compelling journey through the different collections. We also got the opportunity to incorporate some of the product's new features into the making of our film, like the cool Puppet Tool in After Effects."  
The "print" chapter takes the audience through a visual journey from an ordinary letter A to an ornate letter A. Based off of custom typography from design-legend Neville Brody, the A's transformation is accented by pop art ink drippings and paint splats, halftones and collage-like layers. The "web" chapter follows a web site layout from napkin sketch to simple flowchart, before moving on to complicated, maze-like 3D flowcharts populating an entire world. In the "video" chapter, 3D elements such as movie screens, filmstrips, musical staffs, broadcasting towers and foliage, along with still illustrations and wildlife footage, show the dynamic effects available to filmmakers and motion graphics artists in CS3. The film ends with a shot of the Adobe CS3 Master Collection, which for the first time, allows customers to get all the Adobe tools in one product, and the "Creative License" logo and tagline, "Take as much as you want."  
To create the films, Phoenix used Mac G5's dual and quad processor machines running Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Autodesk Maya, and ZaxWerks ProModeler. 
Design, Production, Editorial - Phoenix Editorial & Designs  
Creative Director - Matt Silverman  
Art Director - Jonathan Warner  
Motion Graphics Designers - Matt Silverman, Jonathan Warner, Phil Spitler, Bobby VanDyke, Iban Goiatxe, Dick Smith  
3D Animator - Matt Silverman
Executive Producer - Jonathan Hinman  
Line Producer - Chris Jolly