May 24, 2007

Noise Industries Releases FxFactory 1.05 for Apple Final Cut Studio 2

Boston - Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, has announced the availability of FxFactory 1.05 for Apple Final Cut Studio 2.
FxFactory for Apple Final Cut Studio 2 offers GPU-accelerated, native visual effects plug-ins for Apple Final Cut Pro 6 and Apple Motion 3 running on Apple's new FxPlug architecture. 
The optimized FxFactory plug-in architecture provides maximum speed and performance for visual effects creation on both PowerPC and Intel-based Mac platforms. Other core FxFactory enhancements include a refined user interface and custom presets for fast ­effects creation.
New FX for the Pro Pack: Frame Overlay, Particle System, Slideshow, LED Lights
-- Frame Overlay: allows the preview of sections of footage that fit within a different (smaller) frame size than the native size of the sequence, by rendering a customizable overlay over existing footage. The overlay can be used to add hints to your footage before a conversion from 16:9 to 4:3; to review how your PAL content will look at NTSC resolution if no re-scaling is applied; to identify portions of the original HD frameto be preserved when down-sampling for DVD adaptation.
-- Particle System: animate built-in images as well as media via animage well parameter.
-- Slideshow: create slideshow of images from any folder inside FCP.
-- LED Lights: simulate the display of a source image on an array ofLED lights. 
New FX for Motion Pack: Glitch, 3D Shatter, Panel Vision, RGB Trails
-- Glitch:corrupts and destroys the image in a controllable way.
-- 3D Shatter: breaks the image up over 3D space.
-- Panel Vision: tiles 8 source images in random patterns.
-- RGB Trails: a motion trail effect with controls for each colorchannel.
New FX for Editing Pack: 
New Transitions: Cheshire Fade, ExplodeAway, Panels Mix Off, Spinner, Zipper
-- Cheshire Fade: fades away the image leaving the edges to last.
-- Explode Away: explodes the source clip off the screen.
-- Panels Mix Off:  mixes, shrinks or spins the source clip to the nextclip in random patterns.
-- Spinner: spins the image a number of times landing on the next clip.
-- Zipper: Unzips the next image over the clip.
Noise Industries FxFactory 1.05 and updated FxPacks are available starting at $99 USD. FxFactory 1.05 is offered as a free update for all current owners of FxFactory.