November 29, 2007

Next Limit Unveils Maxwell Render 1.6

Madrid, Spain - Next Limit Technologies has updated its rendering software, Maxwell Render to Version 1.6.
Version 1.6, available now for existing customers, adds new features and improvements, including Maxwell Displacement, Instances, multithreading voxelization, new plug-ins, and network improvements.
Maxwell Render 1.6 also includes a free pack of Dosch Design HDR images, exclusively for Maxwell Render license holders. This HDRI pack will be made available for download soon after the 1.6 release, and all customers will be notified by email.  
Maxwell Render 1.6 and the updated plug-ins are available for download from the usual customer download area.
The public release of Maxwell Render 1.6 will take place days after the client release, when the demo will be re-enabled so that non-clients can test drive the new version.  

A complete Maxwell Render features list and other additional information, including images, are available on the official Website: