February 15, 2007

Next Limit Technologies Launches New, Updated RealFlow4 Plug-ins

Madrid, Spain - Next Limit Technologies has released new and updated RealFlow4 plug-ins for Autodesk Maya 8.5 and Maxon Cinema4D 8.5.
Next Limit Technologies has announced the following new and updated RealFlow4 plug-ins: 

-- Maya 8.5 for Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Linux 32 bit, Linux 64 bit and Macintosh (new)
-- Cinema4D Version 8.5, versions 9.6 and version 10 for Windows (updated)
-- Cinema4D Version 8.5 ppc, version 9.6 Universal Binary and version 10 Universal Binary for Macintosh (updated)  

RealFlow4 is a tool for the simulation of fluids, water surfaces, rigid bodies, soft bodies, and meshes. It is particle-based and uses physical properties to control the behavior of the particles, which can interact with each other and react according to impulses, forces, and accelerations.

Users can create all kinds of simulations -- from huge waves to small raindrops, but also non-fluid visuals.  

RealFlow4 also includes the Python scripting language, which enables users to program their own tools. RealFlow is targeted at high-end users, professionals, production studios, and engineering markets. It is compatible with most major 3D applications and has been used in various movie productions. 

RealFlow4 customers can download the updated plug-ins from the company's customer download area.