February 8, 2007

Nexscan Technologies Upgrades SATA Storage Solutions

Woodland Hills, Calif. -  Nexsan Technologies has announced upgrades to its SATABeast and SATABoy storage products that provide wire-speed iSCSI performance and enhanced security, flexibility, and simplicity.
The firmware upgrade boosts performance to 100MB per second for NexsanRAID storage using a single iSCSI port, and 180MB per second using dual ports. Dual controller performance doubles these numbers. 
The upgrade will be standard for all SATABeast and SATABoy systems shipped as of today, and is available as a free firmware update for existing customers. Unique in the industry, SATABoy and SATABeast offer dual fibre channel, as well as dual iSCSI ports on each controller. 
This multi-protocol approach allows the massive storage capacity of these products to be allocated to either fibre channel or iSCSI initiators, or operate both protocols simultaneously, as needed. With these enhancements, Nexsan's SATABeast and SATABoy arrays maintain their position as the leaders in ease of use, cost efficiency, flexibility, and performance.
The SATABeast's 42-drive design extends individual drive life and provides savings. SATABeast and SATABoy high-performance, multipurpose storage arrays offer Nexsan's AutoMAID (Autonomic Massive Array ofIdle Disks) technology. AutoMAID allows Nexsan systems to place their disk drives into an idle state to conserve energy, yet provide near-instantaneous access to data.  Nexsan's AutoMAID is granular to an individual drive or RAID set and offers multiple levels of energy savings enabling users to determine the right level of access speed and energy savings for their environment.
Designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding computing environments, the 14-drive SATABoy delivers availability and performance in a SATA RAID system. SATABoy's combination of high performance and capacity enhances digital information storage applications, such as home directories, fixed content, tiered storage, disk-to-disk backup, broadcast/VOD, and other business-critical applications.