July 10, 2007

N-Sided Unveils Version 1.5 of Quidam Character-generation Solution

Fontenay sous bois, France - The N-Sided team has released the 1.5 version of Quidam, its character-generating software.
Quidam aids users in merging various anatomical elements into one seamless model. A single Base (Model Pack) of Quidam enables artists to generate billions of different characters, and a full set of advanced tools for sculpting and retouching creations to the last detail. Quidam software exports multiresolution 3D characters, fully textured and ready to be animated in virtually any piece of 3D software.
The latest version offers a brand new tool to help in placing imported objects. Additional features include improvements to painting skinning weights, advanced editing tools, skeleton personalization, and the ability to import/export in its own QDM format. New content includes two dynamic bases (a Fantasy warrior and a Manga man), two new variants of the face bases with articulations, and more -- such as new textures, accessories, and new .QUI characters. Version 1.5 is free for registered users.