December 21, 2007

N-Sided Releases Quidam 2.0 for Character Creation

Paris - N-Sided has released Version 2.0 of its Quidam character creation software. Quidam merges various anatomical elements into one seamless model.
A single Base (Model Pack) of Quidam can generate billions of different characters, and it offers artists a full set of advanced tools for sculpting and retouching creations to the last detail. Quidam exports multiresolution 3D characters, textured and ready to be animated, into virtually any 3D animation software.
Version 2.0 of Quidam provides digital sculpture fans with:
- A real-time 3D Painting palette offers a wide variety of creative tools to paint directly on the volume colors, textures, transparency, relief… as if you were painting on a canvas.
- A brand new very fast Ray-Tracing rendering engine that digs into images to the finest details to give crisp and photo-realistic results.
- Automatic Skinning, Smooth Weight, predefined Skeleton Catalogue… professionals and advanced hobbyists will enjoy using this new module that dramatically eases the tedious task of “Setting up” the character for animation.
Quidam 2.0 featured a new set of artistic tools for painting  directly onto characters. Additional features include: real-time visualization, a Painting Palette designed to be integrated into the creation workflow, photorealistic rendering, and a new Ray Tracing Rendering engine. Quidam also offers a blitz scanline rendering to quickly produce previews and fine renderings. Cartoon Rendering has been significantly improved to let users explore new graphic impacts. An improved Advanced Character Setup mode, Automatic Skinning function, Smooth Weight mode, improved .QUI format, a Smart Symmetry Detection system, and new textures, props, hair, clothes round out the upgrade.
Quidam will soon be available for Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS X operating systems.