January 2, 2007

Mammoth HD Footage Library Introduces Single Clip Libraries

Evergreen, Colo. - Mammoth HD has expanded its Single Clip offerings with the introduction of two new Galleries dedicated to Single Clip HD.
The Special Single Clip Library offers 18 hours of online screeners covering subjects from Aerials, Cities and Scenics, to National Parks. The Long Single Clip Library offers clips with durations of between one and 10 minutes, with initial subjects of Cities, Clouds, and Scenics.
These new galleries expand the single clips available from the MHD General Library, in which every clip is available as a single-clip purchase. Mammoth HD's library is expanded this month with six new collections -- featuring Steven Dempsey/Pine Lake Film's series Observations Volumes 1 through 3, Re:Source Media's Wildlife: South Africa and Camel Market and the fall colors of Colorado's Rocky Mountains with the Autumn Aspen Collection.
The new additions to the Mammoth HD Footage Library bring the total online collections to 415 titles (representing more than 5000 clips), ranging from the Amazon and the South Pacific to Bhutan and the Middle East.
Mammoth HD's royalty-free collections feature online review with thumbnails, clip information, and QuickTime previews of every Clip.
Photo Credit: Re:Source Media - Chicago (from the MHD Long Single Clip Library), Clark Dunbar - Autumn Aspen Collection (MHD_C1412) and Clark Dunbar - Grand Tetons Sunrise (from the MHD Long Single Clip Library) MHD
December 2006 Collection Releases: Observations Vol.1, Observations Vol.2, Observations Vol.3, Autumn Aspen, Wildlife: South Africa, Camel Market