March 5, 2007

IBM Research VP of Digital Convergence Parris To Keynote Virtual Worlds Conference

New York City - Virtual Worlds Management has announced that Colin J. Parris, Ph.D., vice president of Digital Convergence at IBM Research will deliver the a keynote address at the Virtual Worlds Conference taking place in  New York on March 28 and 29, 2007.

The Virtual Worlds Conference ( is an event geared toward Fortune 500 executives seeking to understand and maximize marketing, entertainment, and business strategies within virtual worlds.

"Late last year IBM announced the formation of a new business unit to explore the application of virtual worlds to business," says Christopher V. Sherman, Virtual Worlds Conference executive director. "We are pleased to welcome Dr.  Parris' keynote and look forward to his insight in how virtual worlds will bring about a revolution in business, science, healthcare, and education."
Colin will discuss how IBM has been  experimenting in virtual worlds for business in three key areas:  virtual commerce and work with clients to apply virtual world to business problems; driving new kinds of collaboration and education;  and experimentation with clients and a broad community of partners on  building out an open and immersive 3-D Internet.
Virtual Worlds Conference takes place  March 28 - 29, 2007 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.  Online registration is open and attendees can save $200 by taking advantage of online registration - only $795 - until March 23, 2007. Registration information and conference details are available on to
Featured sessions include:
- Platforms and Technologies
- Defining your Strategy, What does ROI mean to you?
- Case Study - Sundance Film Channel
- Virtual World Consumer Behaviors and The Evolution of Social Networking - How to Plan for it
- Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Whyville and Second Life
- A Virtual Worlds Road Map - Where is it all going?
- Integrated Marketing - Merging Virtual Activities with Real World  Activities
- Virtual Worlds as Interactive Television
- Pontiac Second Life Case Study
- Virtual World Applications That Work
Virtual Worlds Conference 2007 is  sponsored by Electric Sheep Company, Linden Lab, Makena Technologies,  ProtonMedia, Forterra Systems, Metaversatility, and Business Wire.