June 13, 2007

Geelix Launches Geelix 4.0 and Heads-up Display

Berkeley, Calif. - Geelix has announced Geelix 4.0 and the new in-game heads-up display (HUD) that enable gamers to share gameplay videos, as well as deliver improved spectator experiences for both live and captured gameplay.
Geelix 4.0 includes new in-game features:
□  Live game desktop sharing
□  Enhanced video capture and in-game playback
□  Annotated keyboard and joystick operations
□  Voice over IP capabilities for audio sharing
□  New portal features for heads-up displays (HUDs)
Geelix HUD Desktop 4.0 integrates with games to automatically capture, encode, and share live video gameplay through the Geelix portal.
Continuing the shift toward participatory gaming models, Geelix 4.0 represents a new dimension in sharing community gaming activities. These enhancements deliver an improved spectator experience for live and captured gameplay.