June 14, 2007

GPU-Tech Launches API Libraries Ecolib

Villeneuve d’Ascq, France - With the advent of technology advancements in the IT industry and with graphic card manufacturers optimizing hardware for parallel programming, the use of parallel processors can reduce computing times, hardware costs, and electricity consumption.

To enable any developer to program applications on the graphics card, GPU-Tech launches its libraries and API Ecolib. The user can divide the computing time of applications by 10 or more without changing working habits. Two means are proposed by GPU-Tech: Automatically port parts of the code to GPU using the Ecolib libraries ; Program the entire code in C++ in an optimised way on the GPU using the Ecolib API.

With this technology, users can for the first time program applications in double precision on the graphics card. Furthermore, the applications programmed using the Ecolib API and libraries are compatible with all GPUs Pixel Shaders 2.x, 3.0, and 4.0. GPU-Tech is in collaboration with AMD and Nvidia to ensure optimized performances on these cards.

Five Ecolib libraries are presently proposed:

Computing of options and VaR

Generation of random numbers

Basic Linear algebra (BLAS)

Resolution of linear system equations (LAPACK)

Signal processing (FFT) and image processing

GPU-Tech also proposes personalized development to companies wishing to optimize their own applications on the GPU. GPU-Tech ports the application directly in assembler language on the card.