March 19, 2007

Fusion Products To Support OpenFX Standard as of NAB 2007

Toronto, Canada - Expanding its product line-up, eyeon Software Inc. has announced that support for OpenFX (OFX) will be available in its products as of NAB 2007.  

Fusion’s adoption of this open source standard is timely, as companies increasingly focus on visual effects plug-ins that are written for OFX because they work on any application that supports OFX.  

“We’re glad to see Eyeon investing precious resources and supporting the OFX plug-in architecture. Adopting standards that are portable amongst different applications and operating systems is the way to go," says Benoit Girard of Digital Dimension, a three time Visual Effects Society winner and six time Emmy Award winner. “It helps leading organizations like Digital Dimension in reducing costs, avoid training staff on different plug-ins, and reducing the workload on our IT staff to support different licensing requirements."

Eyeon is an original contributing developer of open source code, with such noted support as Fusion’s OpenEXR release less than one day following the launch of ILM’s proprietary file format.