December 7, 2007

First Trace Joins Bentley Developer Network

Phoenix, Ariz. - First Trace Inc. has been accepted into Bentley System's Developer Network. First Trace has begun development on an innovative add-in to provide Microstation users with comprehensive engineering document and data management capabilities provided by First Trace's Enterprise Document Management solution, powered by Kinnosa.
This cooperative relationship will allow Microstation users to automate document management, design change tracking, task and process management, as well as provide unified data management to distributed enterprises.
The integrated functionality will provide Microstation users with greater flexibility, security, and concurrent engineering capabilities for distributed enterprises.
Kinnosa delivers value by reducing the time, costs, and level of effort required to integrate into an existing IT environment or business network. The development of a new add-in will allow Microstation users to utilize all the features and functionalities of Enterprise Document Management, powered by Kinnosa, right from the Microstation interface.
Document management efforts that once posed a burden on engineering departments can now be automated on the back end for effortless management, including compliance with regulatory requirements and CAD standards. Kinnosa can be configured to automate and streamline drawing changes across all related documents, improving overall efficiency of the entire design process.
Microstation users often utilize multiple CAD tools when working on projects. This mixed environment creates an immense problem for engineers attempting to incorporate designs created with competing CAD tools.