March 1, 2007

Eyetronics Produces 3D Scans for BioWare's Next-Generation XBox 360 Game Mass Effect

Los Angeles, Calif. - Eyetronics, an international provider of high-resolution scanning services and animation-ready 3D models for feature films, television, commercials and computer games, has provided 3D scanning for the new science-fiction action and RPG game Mass Effect.
Created by BioWare, the developer of Jade Empire and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the much-anticipated Mass Effect is an Xbox 360 title said to deliver an immersive, story-driven gameplay experience with cinematic impact, advanced virtual acting, and real-time tactical combat.  
Mass Effect challenges players to travel across a future universe and explore the edges of the galaxy. As the first humans on this galactic stage, players must uncover a looming threat to civilization. Players can interact with any character in the game via a dialogue system, which allows customized real-time conversations. Players will be able to hear the character’s voice and see them talk, conveying emotion and driving the apocalyptic storyline.  
For the game, several dozen actors were scanned at Eyetronics’ Southern California facility over a two-year period.
BioWare’s project director Casey Hudson says, "Stunningly life-like characters are critical to the Mass Effect experience, and high-quality head scanning from Eyetronics was an essential part of making that happen. Eyetronics offers the technology, speed, experience, and flexibility that make working with them the easiest part of making next-gen characters.”  
Eyetronics recently provided 3D scanning for more than 1400 Major League Baseball players for the upcoming games from Sony/SCEA (The Show) and 2K Sports (Major League Baseball 2K7) and is currently in production on the Midway game Stranglehold.  
Eyetronics has also contributed to the hit NBC television series “Heroes,” as well as the anthology series “Masters of Science Fiction” and “Masters of Horror.”