August 15, 2007

Eyeon Releases Fusion64

San Diego, Calif. - Eyeon Software Inc. has unveiled Fusion64, a 64-bit desktop compositing application.
Fusion64 is reportedly the first desktop compositor in the industry to break the current accessibility limit of 4 gigabytes (GB) of both virtual and physical memory. Eyeon’s extensive developmental knowledge secures the benefits of multicore and multiprocessor systems. It enables Fusion artists to take advantage of more RAM and system resources.  
Building on the release of Fusion 5.2, Fusion64 includes OFX plug-in support, a new Vector Motion Blur tool, enhanced 3D scene importing, 3D LUTs accelerated by GPUs, expanded metadata handling for DPX, Cineon and OpenEXR formats, Python scripting, and Tracker’s new infinite sub-pixel precision method. Fusion64 will be included in eyeon’s subscription program.