July 6, 2007

EditShare Adds Apple Final Cut Pro Project Sharing Capabilities

Boston - EditShare, maker of cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, has announced the addition of Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) Project Sharing capabilities to the EditShare product family.
Deployed first for Avid systems and editors, EditShare Project Sharing technology enables multiple editors to work on the same project simultaneously, and is the only collaborative workflow and shared storage solution to offer project sharing for Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid editing systems.
For the first time, Apple FCP editors can enjoy the same collaborative workflow benefits that previously were only available to Avid editors. The new EditShare Apple FCP Project Sharing feature allows multiple Apple FCP editors to simultaneously open up and work from the same projects. 
EditShare Project Sharing eliminates the time-consuming exporting and importing of XML files and duplication of FCP project files. The rights management and rules -riven architecture allow administrators to predefine user access and prevent overwrites, further enhancing the overall exchange of media and creative workflow across all post environments.
An assistant editor can digitize clips and organize into subclips while the senior editor simultaneously reviews the material; editors working on a reality show can share the same “master clips” and “subclips” without duplicating media files or projects. The executive producer can preview a sequence at his desk while editing of the sequence continues.
The EditShare Project Sharing functionality for Apple FCP will ship as part of the EditShare 5.0 standard feature set in Q3 2007.  Existing EditShare 5.0 customers will be provided an update with the new Apple FCP Project Sharing feature free of charge.