November 28, 2007

Dell Announces Next-generation Workstation Models

Round Rock, Texas - Dell has introduced two new models of its Dell Precision workstations: the Dell Precision T5400 and the Dell Precision T7400, with prices starting at approximately $1600 and $1850 respectively.
Dell will be the first tier-one vendor to ship workstations with the latest Quad-Core and Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processors 5400 and 5200 series, using Intel’s latest 45-nm manufacturing process.            
“Workstation customers rely on specialized applications and demand maximum performance from their systems,” said Antonio Julio, director worldwide marketing, Dell Precision workstations. “These systems have some of the fastest Intel processors, high-end OpenGL graphics and massive scalability and memory capacities. In fact, we’ve designed  configurations with an industry-leading 1600MHz front-side bus to help provide screaming performance.”  
Dell simplifies workstation implementation and deployment by designing and certifying its platforms with more than 25 independent software vendors, supporting more than 60 applications and services. This gives professional workstation customers true “peace of mind” when running high-performance applications in fields that include engineering, digital content creation, scientific, finance, and software development.  
Key Features  
·       A dual-socket design supports up to two next-generation multi-core Intel Xeon processors. Dell offers some of the fastest Intel Xeon processors available, up to 3.2GHz. . Multiple processor cores can increase application performance dramatically in multi-threaded and multi-tasking environments.  
·       Dual, full-performance PCI Express Gen2 x16 graphics slots providing up to double the maximum bandwidth of PCI Express x16. This enables customers to include up to two high-performance OpenGL graphics cards and support up to four 30-inch Dell UltraSharp flat-panel monitors at full resolution.  
·       The T5400/7400 uses a dual independent front-side bus design – up to 1333MHz on the T5400 and up to 1600MHz on the T7400 – to provide a fast data path between processors, memory and chipset, benefiting memory bandwidth-intensive applications.  
·       Extensive memory and storage options. Both models use a fully buffered DIMM architecture with up to 800MHz front-side bus on the T7400, which will also support up to 128GB of system memory when 8GB DIMMs become available.  
·       Dell-engineered acoustic improvements make these systems up to 33 percent quieter than their predecessors.  
·       Designed with the environment in mind to meet or exceed the worldwide mutually recognized Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Standard 4.0. Both models also use 80-plus percent efficient power supplies to reduce power consumption.