August 28, 2007

Creaform Launches VxScan 1.3 Software

Newark, Del. - Creaform has released VxScan 1.3 data-acquisition software for 3D data, which includes new enhancements and functionalities.
VxScan uses fast and powerful memory management algorithms to increase the power and reliability, enabling the management of more data (up to 70 percent more laser curves) than VxScan 1.2.
Efficiency is also a great concern for programmers, which is why VxScan 1.3 introduces enhanced, more functional, and efficient facet edition modes, including multiselection, select-through, and undo-selection modes.
Version 1.3 boasts an enhanced overall look and feel, which includes enhanced menus, new splash screen and logos, a refreshed interface, and new intuitive controls.
Other new features include:
- "Copy" function to increase multiple scan sessions and inter-scan accuracy
- Increased surface reconstruction speed -- making it up to 40 percent faster than VxScan 1.2
- Multioperations enabled volume settings with live preview
- "Fit Volume" function
VxScan 1.3 is compatible with Microsoft's Windows Vista (32 bit) and Windows XP Professional SP2.