April 24, 2007

Corel and C-Design Launch C-Design Fashion

Ottawa, Canada - Corel Corporation and C-Design have joined forces to deliver C-Design Fashion, a fashion design and production solution that is built on the power of the award-winning CorelDraw graphics engine
C-Design Fashion provides customers with a single solution to address the entire fashion design process. 
Available in English, French, and Spanish, C-Design Fashion is a computer aided design (CAD) software package that supports vector and bitmap graphics formats. It offers a database of mre than 18,000 garments, shapes, and detailing for women's, men's, and children's fashions.
The software enables designers and pattern makers to design garments and accessories by quickly adding fabrics, prints, colors, and special effects. It also includes Technical Packs that make it easy to communicate information, such as size specifications, labeling, and sewing instructions, and measurement boards to suppliers.
Once the designs are complete, customers can use the software to visually merchandise their new collections by creating graphics to represent the layout of shop windows, in-store displays, or even a fashion show.
C-Design Fashion is now available in North America for $9500. Special volume licensing pricing is available.