August 22, 2007

Caligari Launches New Ambassador Program

Mountain View, Calif. - Caligari Corporation, a producer of 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software, has announced a new Ambassador program for all users of Caligari trueSpace.
The trueSpace Ambassador program is designed to reward trueSpace users that help other users, willingly share their creative work, and positively promote Caligari within the broader 3D community.
The trueSpace Ambassador program consists of two levels. The Silver trueSpace Ambassador receives 10 percent off any Caligari product (including special offer pricing). This savings can be passed on to friends. Silver trueSpace Ambassadors also receive a special logo that can be posted on Web sites or used as a forum avatar. To become a Silver Ambassador, users sign up at
The Gold trueSpace Ambassador level is achieved only by invitation from Caligari. A Gold Ambassador is recognized as one who helps others by answering their questions on various forums; shares models, textures, shaders, or scripts that they’ve created; and promotes trueSpace by submitting their work to community 3D galleries. Gold Ambassadors, like the Silver level, also receive a 10 percent discount and special logo. In addition, Gold Ambassadors are eligible for subcontract work from Caligari, as well as outside companies looking for competent artists.
For more information about Caligari’s Ambassador program, go to