August 20, 2007

Caligari Announces Thursday Night Live! Discussions with 3D Community

Mountain View, Calif. - Caligari Corporation, producer of 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, has announced Thursday Night Live!, a weekly online discussion hosted by Caligari.
Thursday Night Live! informal meetings are open to all members of the 3D community worldwide. They are designed to encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie, foster collaboration, and spark discussion on any 3D topic.
Caligari CEO Roman Ormandy will join these sessions to provide his insights on the future of 3D technology.
Thursday Night Live! meetings will take place using Caligari's truePlace technology, so all participants will visit within the same 3D space and communicate using voice- or text-based chat. Participants will need to install and use either Caligari trueSpace7.5 3D modeling software or the free Caligari truePlay application.
During these sessions, trueSpace7.5 users can model collaboratively and interactively in the shared online space. Those using the free truePlay application will not be able to model, but may still fully participate in any online discussions. truePlay was recently updated to provide full compatibility with the recently released trueSpace7.51.
All existing truePlay users should download and install truePlay1.3. To register for truePlace and download the free truePlay application, go to:

Once truePlay is installed, access the meetings at: