October 15, 2007

CadFaster Launches CadFaster|Engine and 3D Graphics Library

Oulu, Finland - CadFaster has launched an ultra fast 3D engine, a new and innovative rendering solution for CAD professionals. CadFaster|Engine provides impressive image quality and a performance boost with an easy-to-use API.

The 3D rendering library includes CadFaster's latest software-based polygon reduction technologies. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports DirectX and OpenGL drivers. All COM-ompatible development tools and languages can be used for application programming.

The core technology of CadFaster is available for producers of CAD/CAE, simulation, animation, visualization, and scientific 3D software. The solutions developed for accelerated 3D display can also be utilized, for example, in other PLM/PDM sector applications using 3D graphics.