June 19, 2007

Braid Art Labs Announces GroBoto 2.1

Colorado Springs, Colo. - Braid Art Labs LLP announces its first major update, Version 2.1, to GroBoto its 3D art and animation software.

Version 2.1 includes more than a dozen new features, including many new algorithmic bots, expanded bot object generation control, object and texture self illumination, new atmospheric and background controls, UI enhancements, and bug fixes. GroBoto creates complex, dynamic, lyrical forms, and animation with ease. It combines artistic expression with interactive exploration of an infinite universe of 3D form and motion.

New 2.1 Features:

• Introducing strip mode for bots. Strip mode allows the user to specify an arbitrary series of objects of different types to use as the source objects for a bot (instead of just two).

• Many new bots and bot presets

• Several new object alignment options for how objects are positioned on bot branches

• New directional texture tiling support. This allows for some better approximation of some textures like tree bark where the pattern is semi-directional.

• New self illuminating textures

• New self illuminating objects

• New layered fog atmospherics with color, thickness, altitude and transparency controls

• New sky gradients with interactive control over color and transition angle

• New star field generation with number and cluster control

• New morphing kinetics and improved morph animation

• New scene presets

• Interruptible rendering for more responsive camera and AutoBot editing

• New tessellation options for poly display mode

• New in-line color filters including brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.

• New shadow opacity and temperature control

• Improved rendering speed

• A number of UI enhancements including faster startup time on Windows

• Improved Windows Vista support