December 20, 2007

Boxx Technologies' 3DBoxx 8400se Achieves Accolades in Rendering

Austin, Texas - BOXX Technologies Inc., maker of high-performance computing systems for visual effects (VFX) professionals, announced that its 3DBOXX 8400se has been ranked the fastest rendering workstation, using CineBench R10, an industry-standard benchmarking suite for testing processor and graphics card performance.
CineBench, a real-world benchmark test that measures the rendering performance of graphics workstations, rates a workstation’s rendering performance using the rendering engine from Maxon's 3D design software, Cinema 4D. Many 3D design studios and postproduction houses employ Cinema 4D worldwide for 3D content creation.
The 3DBoxx 8400se, which runs with exclusive 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, is ranked the fastest in the rendering test of dual/HT/quad processors with a world record score of 23879 CB-CPU. The 3DBOXX 8400se’s performance and stability are enhanced by its advanced liquid cooling system that provides continuous and safe thermal dissipation.
“CineBench is an excellent tool for testing rendering because it objectively measures rendering speed and performance while engaging in graphics intensive tasks. This software models real world design scenarios requiring multi-threaded applications and the 3DBOXX 8400se is designed to master these complex scenarios quickly and efficiently,” says Francois Wolf, director of marketing for Boxx Technologies.