November 14, 2007

Autodsys Releases ArchT 2008 for AcceliCAD and IntelliCAD

Portland, Oregon - Autodsys Inc. has released ArchT 2008 for use with Autodsys AcceliCAD and IntelliCAD version 6.2 and later. For the first time since 1998, when ArchT was first released for IntelliCAD, a version exists that is similar in capability to the AutoCAD version, says a company representative.
Coupled with AcceliCAD, the solution provides a low-cost alternative that is DWG-compatible and can be used alongside or in place of AutoCAD.
ArchT 2008 for AcceliCAD includes features previously only available in the AutoCAD version, including sections, elevations, 2D projections, and the automatic assignment of rendering materials. Other new features include a curtain-wall object that allows the creation of fenestrations of mullions containing both glass and doors. Curtain wall objects may stand-alone or be inserted in structural walls.
A new mansard roof object enables a profile to follow an outline to create a roof, such as might be found on a storefront, or over a garage or entrance. Another new addition is the ArchT Styles Toolbar which enables the user  more easily to create and modify walls, windows, doors, and other ArchT objects. It provides feedback when an object is selected and allows the user to change its style or create new styles. The styles toolbar also offers support for ArchT multilevel functionality, enabling the user to see what level an object is on and change multiple objects to a different level.
Other enhancements include the ability to overlap a window or opening across two walls, tapered walls with varying width, double-click editing of ArchT objects, and a new toolbar user interface.