February 15, 2007

Autodsys Announces New CAD Platform

Portland, Ore. - Autodsys has released AcceliCAD2CAM, a new CAD platform that in conjunction with Solustan's LinkMotion driver provides direct-to-CAM output, allowing designers to go directly from design to manufacture.
Ron Prepchuk, president of Autodsys Inc., says: "We have worked closely with Solustan to create the features that engineers and designers need to quickly produce fabricated parts from their CAD drawings." 
In the past, parts would be designed with CAD software and then imported into a CAM software package before being sent to the machine for milling. With this new combination, designers will send their drawings straight from CAD to the cutter just as if they were sending it to a printer.
Supported machines include 2- or 3-axis machines with step or servo motors, and laser machines with step, servo, or Galvanometric motors. 
Dhiren Shah, director of operations for Solustan Inc., notes, "After creating a design in AcceliCAD, the designer uses the LinkMotion driver to send the design to the machine as if it were being sent to a printer. There is no need to learn a new program or create additional controller software; and no G codes to remember."