Artists Can Submit Artwork to, Launching February 1
January 22, 2007

Artists Can Submit Artwork to, Launching February 1 presents the artwork of some of the finest CG artists around the world through individual computer desktops. World-class artists such as Steven Stahlberg, Benita Winckler, and Olivier Ponsonnet have submitted their work to the Web site. All artists have been featured in the Exposé books from Ballistic Publishing.
Visitors can download five free wallpapers to get a taste. Full access is $9.95 a year. The artists receive 20 percent revenue. This site is a product of the team behind, which has seven years' experience in making wallpapers. The company will launch on February 1st .
"I think the desktop is a great place for displaying artwork," says webmaster of Nico Zweers. "Especially if you spend much time behind the computer, it’s great to look at something exciting whenever you click away your work. And for artists it’s a great way to get noticed when people look at your name all day long. They get 20 percent revenue too."