August 2, 2007

ArtVPS Unveils RenderServer DT

Cambridge, England - ARTVPS has announced RenderServer DT, a desktop device incorporating AMD dual-core processor technology and advanced rendering software. 
Featuring a push-button front panel display, RenderServer DT has a Web-based user interface to enable fast set up and configuration.
ArtVPS’ RP-MR File Manager, with the drag-and-drop workflow, allows users to view and manage multiple rendering jobs from any workstation on their network. A simple way to render with mental ray, RenderServer DT offers users the option to connect up to three ArtVPS RayBoxes to the device via PCI Express.
RenderServer DT comes complete with two 64-bit mental ray standalone licences and ArtVPS’ render-management software and photorealistic material library. As an independent mental ray platform, multiple users can render to RenderServer DT using their preferred 3D application, providing seamless integration into any production workflow.