July 3, 2007

ArtVPS Unveils RenderPipe AV6 Software

Cambridge, England - Even faster rendering times and 64-bit support are two of the new features available in the RenderPipe AV6 software release by ArtVPS.
In addition to enhancing existing elements of its leading RenderPipe software, ArtVPS has introduced new tools, including QuickTime object movie output, which enables the exploration of 3D objects from multiple viewing angles, and a preview of its hardware-accelerated global-illumination solution. RenderPipe is ArtVPS’ industry-standard raytracing software renderer.  
Developed to run on ArtVPS’ rendering devices such as RayBox, it has an intuitive and robust workflow that speeds the production of high-quality, photorealistic 3D images. Optimised to accelerate data transfer between RenderPipe and RayBox, AV6 gives users faster rendering through the new desktop system. This latest release also supports Autodesk's 3dsmax 9 (64-bit) and Maya 8.5 (32- and 64-bit), giving users increased power to create the highest-quality images.  
Supported customers can download updates for free by logging onto the ArtVPS Web site at www.artvps.com
Additional features of the AV6 software release include:  
- Speed: RayBox, RD6400, and PURE PCi-X users will experience an increase in rendering speed.
- Increased HDR and texture file limits: Render more complex HDR environments and scene textures to add more realism to final images.
- Multiple RenderDrive/RayBox support: It’s now possible to render up to 20 ArtVPS devices  simultaneously.
- Global Illumination (beta): AV6 includes a development version of ArtVPS’ global illumination  feature.