February 23, 2007

Archipelis Company Launches Archipelis Designer Version 1.1

Bordeaux, France - Archipelis Company has released Archipelis Designer Version 1.1.
Archipelis Designer is designed for ease of use: just draw outlines to make it a 3D model. Company executives consider it the most intuitive approach to sketch shapes and then enhance them with textures and photographs.

Archipelis Designer is designed for both experienced 3D artists and beginners: creating smooth and textured organic models with just a few strokes.

Archipelis Designer v1.1 now supports more exports to allow better cross application modeling. It can work with Google SketchUp (from Google Inc.) and it can generate C OpenGL source code, which is of great value to game developers.

Among Archipelis Designers main features are:
-- Draw 2D shapes to build 3D objects
-- Re-position and re-shape the 3D objects
-- Automatic merging process
-- Multiresolution management
-- Viewing modes: wireframe, cartoon, environment map, stereo viewing in anaglyphic mode
-- Painting embossed (displaced) maps to create relief on the mesh
-- Export to the formats: .obj (Wavefront), .wrl (VRML), .off (OFF), .asc (for Autodesk 3ds Max), .dxf (DXF), .x (DirectX), .stl (STL), .x3d (X3D)
-- Possibility to include models into Google SketchUp (by Google Inc.)
-- Automatic generation of program C code for rendering models based on OpenGL

Archipelis Designer v1.1 is priced at 48 euros (approximately $59 to $64 depending on exchange rate).