February 15, 2007

Animex Award Winners and Sponsors Take Part in Annual Event

Middlesbrough, England - The winners and runners up, as well as the industry sponsors, were on hand at this year’s Animex Awards.
All the winners were in attendance and included:
Award: 3D Animation
Winner:  My Date from Hell
Awarded to: Tom Bracht, Tim Weimann
College: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Sponsor: Autodesk  
Award: 2D Animation
Winner: L’Diel Du Cyclone
Awarded to: Julien Bisaro, Yam Volsi, Myriam Copier, Yres Francon
College: La Poudriere, France
Sponsor: ToonBoom Technologies  
Award: Experimental Animation
Winner: Adjustment Awarded to: Ian Mackinnon
College: Royal College of Art, UK
Sponsor: Corel  
Award: Visual Effects
Winner: Oxford Circus
Awarded to: Esteban Gitton, Sadik Ahmed, Erika Gonzales
College: National Film & Television School, UK
Sponsor: AMD  
Award: Games Design
Winner: ESC
Awarded to: Justin Henton
College: Emily Carr Institute, Canada
Sponsor: Softimage
Award: Visualisation
Winner: Homage
Awarded to: Jacques Khouri
College: Savannah College of Art & Design, USA
Sponsor: Animazoo  
Award: Motion Graphics
Winner: Herzog and the Monsters
Awarded to: Lesley Barnes & Al Paxton
College: Glasgow School of Art, UK
Sponsor: Adobe
For a full listing of the winners and runners up, visit the Animex Web site at http://animex.scm.tees.ac.uk 
The Animex Audience Award is determined through audience participation. Material eligible for this award can be viewed at: http://www.animex.net/audience. Deadline date for voting is July 1, 2007.