November 21, 2007

Animazoo Expands Shop in Second Life

Brighton, U.K. - Motion-capture company Animazoo has expanded its shop in Second Life to accommodate the growing range of animations now on sale.
At the 16,000-square meter shop, residents can enhance their avatars' movement and style using lifelike animations from Animazoo. The animations have been created using human movement and state-of-the-art animation techniques. Among the latest additions to the range are free Animazoo animated cigarettes which you can smoke in Second Life. 
Animazoo animations are said to appear more lifelike than standard animations within Second Life, and are currently heralded as the finest available. Animazoo Brighton can be found inside Second Life on the Brightown sim, or by searching for "Animazoo" using the search window.  
New this month is a range of editable gestures pre-loaded with Animazoo animations. Gestures provide a way of triggering animations using shortcut keys and can have sounds and other animations added by the end user. Another animation overrider (AO) has been added to the range for replacing the default Second Life animations with Animazoo versions. There are standard and deluxe models for male and female avatars with different animation combinations.  Selected animations are now also being offered in different sizes to fit varying body shapes, Animazoo is one of the first Second Life vendors to offer this option. Also new to the Animazoo shop are dance machines where a single avatar or up to 10 different avatars can touch the ball to start or stop dancing.  
The animations on sale have been created to satisfy the increasing expectations of Second Life residents. In response to resident requests, many animations/products are available in both copyable and transferable formats. All products (except free products) are modifiable, so residents can change naming conventions to fit their AOs and chimeras. 
Aside from the free animations, prices start at L$50 (50 Linden dollars, about 8.5p), rising to L$300 (about 50p) for the best dances. The range is updated regularly, and Second Life residents also have the option of ordering custom-made animations.  

Some of Animazoo’s recent enhancements include blended animations where multiple animations play at once achieving a much more natural look. The latest AO also sports multiple "mood" configurations, which enable the resident to switch between casual, formal or even drunk demeanours.