October 19, 2007

Animazoo Donates to Pink Ribbon Auction in Second Life

Brighton, U.K. - Motion-capture company Animazoo is supporting an auction in Second Life to raise funds for Pink Ribbon Day. The fourth Monday in October, Pink Ribbon Day is the signature day of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Animazoo is donating to a fundraiser organized by Ewing Fashion Agency together with The Cafe Society being held on the SS Galaxy, a virtual ship anchored in the Sagittarian Sea in Second Life.
The auction is taking place on 19 October at 7 pm. The Cafe Society will also be hosting a showing of work by real-world artist and Second Life resident Ahz Senior, to be followed by the auction and Gala aboard the SS Galaxy.   
Animazoo animator for Second Life, Dave Wooldridge says: “There is a full set of Animazoo dances up for grabs at the auction. The set includes a previously unreleased dance and a special looped version of the Macarena. I hope Second Life residents will dig deep in their pockets as it is for a good cause.” 
Donations from a whole host of designers and builders will also be auctioned off, including a work by Ahz, specially created for the occasion. 
Animazoo recently opened a shop in Second Life to enable residents to enhance their avatar’s movement and style using lifelike animations. The Animazoo shop has carefully crafted animations for sale, created using lifelike human movement and state-of-the-art animation techniques.
Prices start at L$50 (50 Linden dollars, about 8.5p), rising to L$300 (about 50p) for the best dances. There is also a selection of free animations at the shop. The range is updated regularly, and Second Life residents also have the option of ordering custom made animations. The Animazoo Second Life shop can be found by searching for "Animazoo" in the Search window within Second Life.