February 1, 2007

Alienware Unveils HD Entertainment Center and High-performance Notebooks

Miami, Fla. - Alienware has introduced its new Hangar18: HD Entertainment Center and SLI-powered Area-51 m9750 notebook, overclocked Area-51 m5790 Special Edition notebook, and Quad-core Area-51 7500 desktop.
With up to 1.5 terabytes of storage space and four-tuner DVR functionality, the Hangar18 is a visual and audio powerhouse, for recording and playing back high-definition content as well as pumping out 1,000 watts of sound with a built-in D2Audio amplifier that takes full advantage of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Vista Premium and Ultimate Editions. 
For mobile users, Alienware has unveiled the all-new processor-overclocked Area-51 m9750 and Area-51 m5790 Special Edition notebooks. The Area-51 m9750 offers dual 512MB SLI graphics cards and up to 400GB of hard drive space while providing high performance via overclocked Intel Core 2 Duo processor support.