January 19, 2007

Acacia Research Group Study Predicts Media for Mobile Devices to Generate $98 Billion by 2001

Vancouver, Wash. - Media for mobile devices will generate $98.6 billion worldwide by 2011, according to Acacia Research Group’s latest market study, "Mobile Media 2006: The Future of Personal Media Distribution."
By 2011, the number of media-capable mobile devices worldwide -- including media phones, personal media players, and handheld gaming devices -- will have grown to more than 3.2 billion. Total device shipments will near a record 1.1 billion that year. Media-enabled phones will lead the way, with more than 2.2 billion handsets capable of advanced audio playback, 1.2 billion video-capable handsets, and 1.1 billion 3D-enabled handsets in use worldwide by 2011. Personal audio and video players will reach more than 835 million and handheld gaming devices will top 239 million that year. 
“Some say that multipurpose devices, such as media phones, will push dedicated media devices out of the market,” says Acacia Senior Analyst Christine Arrington. “This will never happen. There will always be room in the mobile space for devices that focus exclusively on delivering one or two forms of entertainment -- because these devices have been, and will continue to be, better at what they do than multipurpose systems.” 
Audio downloads and subscriptions will generate $33.1 billion and video content will contribute $26.5 billion annually by 2011. Game publishers and distributors will net $25.4 billion from downloaded and packaged mobile games and content that year. And, by 2011, mobile pay TV subscriptions will be worth an estimated $13.4 billion annually.  
“Platform-appropriate must become a buzzword in the mobile media space,” notes Arrington. “Realizing the true potential of mobile media will require device manufacturers, content producers and distributors, and service operators to develop specialized, and even wholly new, technologies, media formats, and distribution methods to take full advantage of the distinctive qualities of the mobile entertainment experience.” 
Acacia’s "Mobile Media 2006: The Future of Personal Media Distribution" addresses issues in the world of mobile media distribution. This market study covers trends in device configuration, wireless operator technology, and content development. Devices covered in the report include mobile phones, media phones, personal media players, and handheld gaming devices. Forecasts include video, audio, broadcast radio and TV, satellite radio, still image, and 3D acceleration. Also included are forecasts for revenue generated from audio, video, and game downloads and subscriptions.