September 26, 2007

AMD Launches Phenom Triple-core Processors

Sunnyvale, Calif. - AMD has added AMD Phenom triple-core processors to its desktop roadmap. AMD Phenom triple-core processors, expected to be the world's first PC processors to integrate three computational cores on a single die of silicon, can help deliver the visual experience, performance, and multitasking capabilities of true multicore technology to a broader audience.
AMD anticipates shipping the industry's only x-86 triple-core desktop processor in Q1 2008, whereas AMD Phenom quad-core processors remain on schedule to ship in 2007.
AMD Phenom processors with three cores are a response to demand for increased performance delivered by multicore processors when running state-of-the-art applications. According to Mercury Research, quad-core processors represented less than two percent of desktop shipments in Q2 2007. AMD believes this suggests a need for a wider selection of multicore solutions. Triple-core AMD processors may stimulate broader multicore adoption with a product family that scales to more points-of-entry for the customer.
The multicore design of the upcoming AMD Phenom processor family of products, based on Direct Connect Architecture, features an integrated memory controller, accelerating performance for productivity, content creation, entertainment, and gaming. In addition, this next-generation architecture includes AMD's Balanced Smart Cache for rapid access to memory, with a shared L3 cache for leading-edge performance on multithreaded software.
With HyperTransport 3.0 and up to 16GB/second of high-bandwidth I/O, upcoming AMD Phenom processors are designed for the ultimate visual experience with HD video and gaming resolutions, as well as high-speed disk and network interfaces. In addition, Cool'n'Quiet 2.0 technology enables independent frequency adjustments to each processor core, and the HyperTransport bus and memory controller for a cooler and quieter PC.
AMD Phenom triple-core processors are expected to deliver increased performance for multitasking usage models and multi-threaded applications, aligned with similar benefits available with the upcoming AMD Phenom quad-core processors.