October 12, 2007

3DVO Launches 3D Modeling Service

Salt Lake City - 3DVO has launched 3DVO Engage, a three-dimensional modeling service that delivers true-to-life online product images. 3DVO Engage is designed to help online retailers increase online sell-through conversion by enhancing the customer experience with an engaging display of product functionality.  The graphics created by 3DVO can be animated, rotated, and viewed from 360 degrees, allowing customers to manipulate products as if they were browsing in a physical store. 

3DVO Engage is ideal for small form factor products, allowing both small and large retailers to model thousands of products and increase profits. Retailers can also repurpose the 3D images for print catalogs, banner ads, and other marketing activities.

The technology behind 3DVO was developed in association with Utah State University through the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR). The company is funded by Alan Hall, Warren Osborn, and Lindsay Atwood, who have built multiple successful companies. Other Utah Angels’ members also funded the company.

3DVO has developed a suite of tools that transform complex data acquisition, processing, and delivery functions into a turnkey solution. To view examples of 3DVO Engage, visit www.3DVO.com.