July 31, 2006

iStockphoto seeks user-generated video and animation submissions

iStockphoto, a community-powered marketplace for stock photography and illustrations, today announced it is now

accepting user-generated video, expanding its image collection to include royalty-free (RF) stock video, film, and animation clips for as little as $5.

Anyone can apply to become a video contributor at video.istockphoto.com. iStock videographers will collect downloads, earn royalties, and receive "video reels" like photographer canisters to show their sales levels.

Anyone who contributes in these mediums in the first 90 days will receive 10 free credits, usable for any product on iStock. iStockphoto members who refer video contributors will receive a bonus of $1 per clip, up to the first 50 clips accepted for RF use by their referees.

Beginning in September, iStock will sell broadcast-quality footage, with a focus on digital formats, including HD video. Thirty-second clips will be priced from $5. The new video clips will be accessible at both video.istockphoto.com and www.iStockvideo.com.

Clip size, width, and price points/clip

Small, 320x240, $5

Medium, 640x480, $10

Large, 720x486 (NTSC/PAL), $20

HD 720, 1280x720, $35

HD 1080, 1920x1080, $50