December 22, 2006

eyeon Ships Fusion 5.1 Compositor

Toronto, Canada – eyeon Software Inc. has announced that Fusion 5.1 is now available. The node-based compositor combines an integrated 2D and 3D multi-processor architecture with a collaborative workflow management system.

Fusion 5.1 boasts features to streamline the workflow and push production capabilities. The 3D system has new tools for projection and geometry manipulation, such as bending and displacement. The Open GL interface exploits additional GPU power to deliver more realistic lighting. Further enhancements include importation of models and scenes in FBX, OBJ, and 3DS.

Fusion’s unique flow workspace has new organizational improvements to help layout compositions, with elbow nodes to control the flow and custom colorization for rapid identification of key areas.

Paint introduces new multi-stroke cloning that speeds the performance of retouching, dust busting, and general painting. Version 5.1 also introduces a new Render Slave called Console Slave. This is a command line-driven version to better interface with third-party render managers.

Fusion 5.1 is a free upgrade for all existing Fusion 5 owners and is available via download. Digital Fusion 4 and DFX+ 4 upgrade prices remain the same.