December 14, 2006

e frontier Introduces New Features in Version 7 of Poser Software

Scotts Valley, Calif. - e frontier has revealed new features in Poser Version 7, the latest version of the company’s 3D figure design and animation software.
Poser 7 will include many new features, new content, and improvements to its architecture. The company has added many features that long-time customers have requested. Among the new features in Version 7 are:  

All new photorealistic G2 male and female adult and children 3D Figures, including:

Lip Synching

Multiple Undo

Non-Linear Animation

Improved Rendering/HDRI support for IBL

Project Guide/Launch Wizard

Universal Pose

New Content/G2 Figures


At the same time, the redesigned user interface makes the creative process faster and more intuitive, through the implementation of:

More efficient and feature enhanced Document window

More intuitive Render Settings window

Simple and Advanced Material views

Additional features include:
Improved palette of Comic tools, including customizable OpenGL Cartoon Style Previews and all-new Toon outlines

Improved Flash support including user-defined Flash export colors for the Web

Customizable Auto Balancing on figures make Posing in Poser even easier than easy

Library palettes’ position and size are now flexible to suit your needs

External Morph Targets reduce file sizes making opening files faster

Save all of the materials on a figure or prop as an easy-to-access Material Collection

Easily view your output aspect ratio in the document window for both image and movies

Keep easy access to as many rendered images as you wish directly from the Document Window

Area Render enables you to preview any selected area of a scene saving render time

Easily switch between software and hardware render preview

Update notification to automatically receive all the latest enhancement to you Poser application

Enhanced Python scripting interface now gives you full control over Poser

Use Shadow Catcher to illustrate any media with shadows that blend in perfectly

Shadow Only render gives you full control over image and movie compositing

Easily use the Render Wipe to compare two rendered images in detail, or to see how your storyboard is progressing

Reuse loaded textures and shadow maps for faster rendering times

Set crease angles for groups to create anything from smooth edges to creased edges on any type of figure or prop

Point Lights

Revolve control for lights

Set specular & diffuse controls for individual lights independently. For example,  use a diffuse only negative light to darken a specific area of any 3D scene.

Improved Firefly performance

Depth of Field is enhanced, with new camera controls to achieve the effect of a real camera lens.

And new content includes:
G2 high-res male and female figures

Redesigned Content Paradise interface makes finding Poser content faster and easier

New partners providing more access to the vast world of Poser content