November 23, 2006

Vicon Installs 48-camera Motion-capture System at Activision

Los Angeles, Calif. - Vicon, developer of motion-capture systems and a division of Oxford Metrics Group, has announced the sale and installation of a 48-camera Vicon MX motion-capture system to Activision. 
The system is providing Activision, its developers, and its co-developers with in-house motion-capture capabilities. It has been used to complete major Activision titles, including Call of Duty 3, with the Activision team more than doubling its capacity for producing character animations for cinematics and game play. The Vicon MX system enables Activision personnel to record multiple performers in large capture volumes with a high degree of reliability and detail. 
Call of Duty 3 saw the company completing full-body and detailed hand-capture simultaneously on up to eight performers, with complex character interactions, elaborate props, and even simulated water. Call of Duty 3 is scheduled for release this fall for the Xbox 360 and Xbox, PlayStation 2 and 3, and the upcoming Wii from Nintendo. Additional Activision releases completed using Vicon MX include World Series Poker and Pimp My Ride.