November 24, 2006

Vicon House of Moves Captures Full-body Motion for Harmonix PlayStation Game

Los Angeles, Calif. - Motion-capture studio Vicon House of Moves has again provided motion-capture services for award-winning music game developer Harmonix.  
House of Moves was tapped to capture performances for full-body motions for Harmonix's PlayStation 2 rhythm game Guitar Hero II, just released by publisher Red Octane. The follow-up to the acclaimed music game, Guitar Hero II features an expanded track list, more venues, and new play modes.  
The game's track list, with more than 55 songs, encompasses all forms of rock and metal music, including classic rock, punk, heavy metal, modern rock, and alternative rock. New play functions include a multiplayer co-op mode where players can play not only the lead guitar track, but rhythm or bass as well, allowing players to take on two different sections of the song simultaneously. And players also can use the ultra-cool Gibson SG-shaped guitar controller.
"We've done several motion capture sessions at House of Moves and alwaysget fantastic results," saya Ryan Lesser, art director, Harmonix.
House of Moves captured male and female performers during the two-day shoot for Harmonix, recording full-body performances in a variety of guitar styles as well as props, including two lead guitars, one bass guitar, and a drum kit complete with sticks.
The game offers four levels of difficulty and 11 characters, three of them new, each with a distinctive look and playing style.