July 14, 2006

VICON enhances MX motion capture

VICON, developer of motion capture technology, has introduced a set of hardware advancements. These new features

simplify high camera-count motion capture setup, automate simultaneous live-action footage capture, provide powerful and production-friendly near-infrared strobes, and round out the MX line with a 2 million-pixel, full-grayscale MX camera, VICON MX20+.

VICON's recent hardware enhancements include

VICON MX 20+—a new MX camera model offering twice the resolution of competitively priced optical motion capture cameras, with two million-pixel capture and all of the breakthrough full-frame 10-bit grayscale processing of VICON MX.

New surface-mount near-infrared (NIR) strobes—offer double the power and let customers use NIR while realizing greater and more-uniform illumination in the capture zone. The strobes work with both new and existing MX cameras and enhance user- and performer friendliness and the ability to see detail.

MX Ultranet—a new hardware unit streamlining connectivity for VICON MX systems. Customers can connect up to 245 VICON MX cameras in a single system, support and sync multiple sub-systems and PCs, have direct General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) and capture DV/DCam video fully synchronized with motion capture without additional hardware components and controls.

MX Sync—new hardware that syncs motion capture and video capture for applications such as biomedical analysis where frame-by-frame alignment is vital.

Completely lead-free motion capture—in a benefit to clients and capture sessions and to comply with new and expected regulations, all MX cameras and control boxes are now lead-free.


The VICON MX line of cameras now consists of VICON MX40+, MX20+, MX13+, and MX3+. VICON MX40+ is a 4 million-pixel motion capture camera. VICON MX13+ provides ultra-high speed capture with 1.3 million pixels and speeds up to 2,000 frames per second. VICON MX3+ offers a combination of versatility and value for customers working on a limited budget.

VICON MX systems deliver breakthrough precision, performance, and practicality. All MX cameras work with CMOS sensors and feature on-board intelligent image processing and revolutionary 8-bit grayscale processing. Different VICON MX cameras can be mixed-and-matched within the same system to meet different project specs and needs.

For more information about VICON MX, please visit www.vicon.com.