August 28, 2006

Toshiba Unveils LCD Projector with Three-megapixel Camera

Irvine, Calif. - Toshiba’s Digital Products Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., has introduced the TLP-XC2500U LCD projector, the company’s latest model incorporating an advanced document camera.

With the TLP-XC2500U projector, users extend the camera arm from the projector and position it to incorporate photo samples, printed documents, blueprints, microscopic images, three-dimensional objects, or close-up views of demonstrations of a new product or science project into their presentations. With its 3-megapixel resolution, 16x zoom, and built-in LED light, the document camera ensures bright and clear video images, even in a darkened room. The product has an estimated single unit price of $1539.

The TLP-XC2500U incorporates an anti-theft device for extra security. A removable palm-sized control panel on the projector is designed with a self-assigned password for theft prevention. When the control panel is removed, the projector is no longer operable unless the password is entered on the remote control.

Weighing 8.8 pounds, the TLP-XC2500U features Toshiba’s Natural Color Enhancer3 (NCE3) which makes LCD images sharp and vivid. In a compact form factor, the projector features 2500 ANSI lumens, XGA 1024x768 resolution, and a 400:1 contrast ratio to deliver bright, captivating images. 

The TLP-XC2500U projector includes composite video and S-video inputs, audio in, and variable audio output capabilities. The special monitor-out capabilities allow users to display and view images on a monitor and screen simultaneously. This feature allows the presenter to face his or her audience directly rather than turning around to read slides as they appear on the screen.

The TLP-XC2500U also includes automatic vertical keystone correction (plus or minus 30 degrees) that projects a square image even when the projector is set up at a steep offset angle to the screen.