November 30, 2006

The Foundry Releases Keylight Blue-screen and Green-screen Keyer

London - Visual effects developer The Foundry has introduced Keylight, the Academy Award-winning blue- and green-screen keyer, for Autodesk’s Combustion and Adobe’s After Effects Standard Edition desktop software.
Keylight is available on such leading platforms as Autodesk’s inferno, flame, flint, fire, and smoke systems, as well as Apple Shake, Avid DS, and the Professional version of Adobe After Effects. The new release extends this keying technology to the global After Effects and Combustion communities, delivering a new toolset for the creation of quality visual effects.  
Keylight is easy to use, and is effective at tackling shots in which it is problematic to pull a clean key, particularly shots featuring hair, reflections, and semi-transparent areas. Spill suppression is built-in, meaning that selection of the screen color is often all that is needed for the user to pull a perfect matte and allow effects elements to be seated together seamlessly and to look genuinely photographed.  
Keylight has been used on scores of feature films, including King Kong, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Harry Potter series, Mission Impossible, Resident Evil, Sleepy Hollow, Chicken Run, The Truman Show, Armageddon, and more.  
Keylight features include:
-- Outside matte input to manage shots with uneven light
-- Inside matte input to aid the prevention of print through and to help maintain the true colours of the source image
-- Advanced integrated spill management
-- Separate colour correction, suppression and edge correction tools for fine-tuning
-- Substantial matte processing tools for refining mattes
-- Extensive viewing capabilities for rapid troubleshooting
-- Built-in controls for blurring chrominance, helping to pull cleaner keys from compressed footage
-- 8 and 16-bit image support
-- PDF user guide complete with tutorials  
Now shipping, Keylight is available for artists running Adobe After Effects 7.0 Standard Edition and Windows versions of Combustion. Nodelocked licenses are available for $395, and floating licenses can be purchased for $592.50.